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Why Californians are leaving California & Moving to Nevada

Major property tax increases are on the launch pad as California politicians try to repeal prop 13 by slipping it under the radar. California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra is putting together plans to raise property tax revenue by eliminating the only thing keeping some people’s property tax from sky rocketing, Prop 13. Because they know it will be unpopular if presented as “Repeal Prop 13,” Xavier Becerra has strategically relabeled it “Education and Local Government Funding.” It’s already on the 2020 ballot and much like the gasoline tax, it will be worded in a way that misleads California voters. People renting may see it as a way to get something for nothing, but the long term result will be higher rents to pay due to the increase in property taxes. People are leaving the state in record numbers, and many here are barely hanging on, this could be something that changes the face of California forever. The elderly that have owned their homes forever may be taxed so high that they lose their homes if Repealing Prop 13 passes.
All my California friends and family, please copy and repost as this must be defeated.

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